With my work, I wish to build a new foundation for being human.

— Helene Lundbye Petersen, Artist & Thinker 



This website presents the work of Helene Lundbye Petersen. It is a doorway to a conceptual universe that mirrors life. It is structured into separate spaces to allow us to immerse ourselves in one aspect of a larger whole: Be it in the free, open space of the unknown symbolised in a blank white page; or in a series of coloured spaces dedicated to the fundamental existential themes of A Beginning; Wisdom; Pleasure; Battle; Love; Balance; Language; Time and Space; Nourishment; Skin; Death or Systems. These spaces are not static, as we may understand them differently, and they will change, as we change. This makes this universe an ever-changing prism that offers an ephemeral grasp of existence: A mirror to see genuinely where we are or would like to be. 





Essential to the work of Helene Lundbye Petersen are her performances of the Spaces of Life, building the spaces of her books in different places, through words, gesture, colour and presence.



Equivalent to the performances of the Spaces of Life are the exhibitions, where the spaces of the books are build through physical objects in places.



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