WHITE - at all times food has been found to be eaten


When people asked me ‘so what do you do’ I would often perform random pages from ‘The White Book’ as a reply.  I did so upon meeting Taina Guedes in the summer of 2014, who then said ‘ Im about to open a gallery here in Berlin, and I would love to show your work’. We decided to focus on the sentence ‘At all times food has been found to be eaten’ from ‘The White Book’ , and half a year later we had the opening of my first solo exhibition. The large scale installation ‘White Pages’ of ‘The White Book’ coming out of the walls as a waterfall was exhibited alongside a Book Intervention of ‘The White Book’ bound with salt; together with the sculptures ‘At all times food has been found to be eaten’ and ‘Why must we always think of time as numbers’. This exhibition took my work to a new level, underlining the book as not just a conceptual and narrated existential space, but as physical space as well. 

Photo courtesy Nina Cavalcanti, Entretempo Kitchen Gallery and Studio Helene Lundbye Petersen.