On the taste of WHITE

29 November 2014

Performance Collaboration with The Monochromes

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Berlin, Germany


Photo by Anelor Robin, Entretempo Kitchen Gallery; The Monochromes and Studio Helene Lundbye Petersen.


 The day after the opening of the exhibition ‘WHITE - At all times food have been found to be eatenʼ at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin, I had a Performance Dinner taking place within the exhibition space. The Monochromes (Caro Mantke, Tatjana Reimann, Tim Schober) had recently published a cookbook at Prestel on monochromatic cooking, and together we choreographed a 2 hour Performance Dinner around the theme of the exhibition. I performed a selection of 11 sequences from The White Book, and the monochromes paired them with 10 servings that were all white such as Kohlrabi, chicory with fleur de sel and white pepper, salty lassi, parsnip soup, milk, and creamy white chocolate drops. Since all was white it was impossible to recognise the food and decode whether it was sweet or salty, which was underlining the nature of the White Space of Beginnings that The White Book takes on; To truly enter it, we cannot rely on what is comfortably already known to us, we have to open our senses anew and carefully thread into the experience of the unknown.