The Social Act #11 featuring The White Book by Helene Lundbye Petersen

October 12th, 2014

Performance Collaboration with the chefs I’m a Kombo


Copenhagen, Denmark



Based on WhitePageProject Studio Dinners, where I had gathered a group of people around food, wine and book performances, I had long wanted to make it into a Performance. The combination of the words of The White Book with food and wine, created a unique intimate space for conversations and profound meetings. The Danish chefs I’m a Kombo (Bo Lindegaard & Lasse Askov‬) had been known for their eating experience ‘The Social Act’ as an explorative dinner space, where physical moving locations during dinner was combined with shared social experiences, and we decided to do a collaboration. As the guests moved from space to space, each serving was combined with a spoken word performance of The White Book, that was delivered as speeches, statements, spoken installations or whispers. The Performance Dinner was focused on the circular aspects of The White Book - As in the serving of the process from grass, to cow, to meat, or the white foam circular cake as dessert.