Helene Lundbye Petersen, 

Why must we always think of time as numbers? ( Series of 10 ed.)



Tracing paper, white paper, cardboard, ribbon, handwritten words. 

3,5 x 22,9 x 32,4 cm





Inspired by applying the free space of A Blank White Page to the Gregorian calendar, ‘Why must we always think of time as numbers’ is an interactive sculpture that challenges our preconception of time. Instead of relating to months as dates and hours, this sculpture is a black box that opens up a year with 12 white spaces. Each month is given a symbol relating to its name, for instance January that stems from the Roman God Janus, with a two faced head - one looking backwards and one looking forwards to symbolise any transition. Between each month is a sequence quote from The White Book as a transparent layer to inspire us to relate to each month as a space.