Freedom Audit

20 May, 2015 - 23 May, 2015

Group Exhibition, curated by Kathleen Soriano

Art15, Olympia

London, UK




Photo: Paul Khera; Art15 and Studio Helene Lundbye Petersen

By Curator Kathleen Soriano, London, 2015

With studios in Copenhagen and New York City, the Danish artist/curator Helene Lundbye Petersen maintains that the world we live in ‘is built on exhausted structures that make it impossible to confront the actual problems of our time, let alone to find the much needed solutions for our vanishing future.  We are in an urgent need to find a space that is inclusive yet open to consider our current condition of life, to leave old structures aside to understand the root of our problems and aspire to new solutions, not just for one person or country – but for all of us. Instead of searching for the borders that define us only to separate us, we must look for what unites us despite our disagreements and differences.’  

Petersen believes that this inclusive space already exists in the blank white page and that art itself enables progress through dialogue.  The White Book is the first in her series of calligraphic manuscripts, WhitePageProject (2011-15), each containing her personal reflections on critical issues confronting us today and encouraging a renegotiation of our purpose.  The handwritten books take on form when Petersen is deeply immersed in the vibrant world around her, often in a café or a restaurant, at which point she enters a near meditative state as she considers and lays down her texts.

The version of The White Book shown in ‘Freedom Audit’ has been especially made for the exhibition and reflects specifically on its themes.  Petersen will perform The White Book at Art15 on Thursday 21 May at 8pm.


Pressrelease, Freedom Audit, 2015

Pressrelease, Freedom Audit, 2015

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