Writing on White

03 February, 2015

Performance writing by Helene Lundbye Petersen and Camilla Gonzatto.

1/Kottbusser Tor U bahn; 2/ Adalbertstraße; 3/ Bateau Ivre Oranienstraße 18, 4/Markthalle 9, 5/ Motto Bookstore Skalitzerstraße 68, 6/ Found blank white paper Friedrichshain, 7/  Schneeweiss, Simplonstrasse 16, 8/ Simon Dach Straße, 9/ Warschauerstraße,  10/ Hackesche Höfe, 11/Rosenthaler Platz, 12/Pro qm Almstadtstraße 48, /13  Alte Schönhauser Straße, 14/ Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Senefelder strasse 29.

Berlin, Germany


Photo credits Lenara Verle, Caio Yurgel, Marcos Andrade Neves, Camilla Gonzatto and Studio Helene Lundbye Petersen. 

I did a Performance Intervention in the streets of Berlin together with Brazilian Screenwriter Camila Gonzatto to pay tribute to the art of writing, the free space of the blank white page and the city. We posted white pages throughout Berlin inviting people to write their thoughts, worries or poetry on the blank space of the pages. On these white pages we wrote the sentence: “At all times, food has been found to be eaten” from The White Book. Partially to dedicate the blank white page to encourage people to think about our relationship with food, but also to connect it to my exhibition ‘WHITE - At all times food has been found to be eaten’  that had its finissage the same day. The performance ended at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, where everything was connected: the White Pages, the reflections on the writing process, the food we are eating and the production of space.