– Artist Statement –

Our time is stagnant. It is built on exhausted structures of old times that make it impossible to confront the actual problems of our time, let alone to find much needed solutions for our vanishing future.

Within the last decade a new global era has emerged only to reveal the alarming limitations of the old worlds and their lack of answers as to how to deal with the demands and paradoxes of a global world. Technologies evolve with such speed that we can hardly comprehend the consequences of being connected more than ever before, bringing the complexities of the human condition to an insurmountable closeness.

Faced with this new labyrinthine existential state, we are in urgent need of finding a space that offers the freedom and inclusiveness to consider the current condition of life. Instead of searching for the borders that define us only to separate us, we must look for what unites us, despite our disagreements and differences. We must leave old structures aside to understand the root of our problems and aspire to new solutions, not just for one person or country – but for all of us.

I create from the premise that such an inclusive space already exists. I find it in a blank white page, and from it, I have created the foundation of my artistic practice. Between 2011 and 2015 I created the work Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces consisting of 11 ‘calligraphic manuscripts’ – empty monochromatic books in which I write by hand from the first to the last page, and later print as books and turn into artworks. It is my vision that this colour spectrum will find its way into our homes, our bookshelves and our lives, to represent spaces of courage, perspective, inspiration and hope. The series consists of the 11 following colours and topics:

/ The White Book – On the Beginning

/ The Blue Book - Ode to Wisdom

/ The Orange Book - Ode to Pleasure

/ The Red Book - Ode to Battle

/ The Green Book - Ode to Love

/ The Yellow Book - Ode to Balance

/ The Purple Book - On Language

/ The Beige Book - On Time and Space

/ The Brown Book - On Nourishment

/ The Pink Book - On Skin (the Private, the Intimate and the Erotic)

/ The Black Book - On Death

Within the colour spectrum there is a series that consists of the colours Blue, Orange, Red, Green and Yellow, and proposes a mythology of the contemporary world, inspired by the mythologies of antiquity. Through their dramatic narratives and the use of visual language to unfold existential questions, myths have the unique ability to express complex aspects of life. I work from the premise that we are existentially faced with a new human condition, that there is a need for new questions to be asked and a new language to understand life. A Mythology on our Current Condition of Life suggests a way to criticise, deconstruct and eventually comprehend contemporary life through five fundamental aspects: Wisdom, Pleasure, War, Love and Balance. These five aspects are embodied by five Goddesses, each of whom explores her role and responsibility to question the way we see the world as a whole in order to relate to what has changed in the human condition, in a time where conflicts have evolved with an overwhelming complexity, fueled by the revolutionary possibilities of technology that dissolves the traditional borders that once defined life.

I gather my artwork under the name WhitePageProject, and with it, I wish to give you the courage to enter the space of a blank, white page.

Helene Lundbye Petersen

- Artist -


Helene Lundbye Petersen is a New York/Copenhagen based artist and thinker whose work embraces the full range of artistic media. Lundbye Petersen has an academic background, holding Masters of Arts degrees in both Communications (Roskilde University Centre, Denmark) and Art History (University of Copenhagen). Before she began her own artistic practice, she had an extensive career in the arts including managing Studio Olafur Eliasson in Denmark from 2008 -2011, curating for The Liverpool Biennial, as well as engagements at other renowned art institutions such as Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Sparwasser HQ in Berlin. Her written work includes exhibition catalogues, articles and books, published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, JRP Ringier, and others.

In 2011 Lundbye Petersen established her conceptual artwork WhitePageProject, which is about building spaces for new perspectives on life. Whilst travelling the world (2011-15), she created the Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces, a series of calligraphic manuscripts that find their spatial expression in the form of Performance Dinners and Performance Lectures, which have been held at various art institutions such as Rothschild69 (Tel Aviv), BAAD Gallery (Tel Aviv), and The Royal Danish Theatre (Copenhagen). Recently, she has had a solo show at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery in Berlin, 2014 and performed and exhibited at the third edition of London’s global art fair, ART15, as part of the exhibition Freedom Audit, curated by Kathleen Soriano. She has been represented by Sonce Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, Since April 2015.


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