This process of writing, and the final written books that came out of it, she started giving the title ‘Calligraphic Manuscripts’ - to refer to their handwritten process of filling an empty notebook from the first to the last page.

The works of Helene Lundbye Petersen ranges from Calligraphic Manuscripts and books to traditional artistic mediums such as painting, work on paper, sculpture or installations. Each unfold the capacity, depth and language of each of the Spaces of Life in a new material object.

First captured in her 'Calligraphic Manuscripts'—a series of handwritten books— She creates artwork in cycles where she seeks to find these Spaces of Life expressed in a new artistic medium, material or expression.

From my encounter with the ´Blank White Page, came a series of ‘Calligraphic Manuscripts’ - handwritten note books that became the space to contain an essential aspect of the human experience. These books have become the way I unfold all my artworks, and the way I understand them. So far, It consists of 13 books divided into two series ; Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces and Grey Systems on the life of ME and WE· T

What began as a blank white page became 11 handwritten books, each tied to a colour and dedicated to a fundamental aspect of the human experience. We are all familiar with these spaces and existential phenomena but we each experience and understand them differently. Separating Life into clear colours can provide an idea of where you are and where you genuinely wish to be. With my work, I wish to draw attention to these Spaces of Life and offer these coloured spaces as a new foundation for being human.

I titled this first series as Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces. It is to be understood as a prism that offers a new way to connect with existence through one of its spaces: White is the space of a new Beginning, Blue is Wisdom, Orange is Pleasure, Red is Battle, Green is Love, Yellow is Balance, Purple is Language, Beige is Time and Space; Brown is Nourishment, Pink is the Private, the Intimate and the Erotic, and Black is the space of Death. ‘

The second Series are the Grey Series - On systems.