Helene Lundbye Petersen works from the the premise that we are faced with a new human condition. Generated by globalisation and technological advancements, this new condition challenges both our societal structures and understanding of self, calling us to relate to our existence anew. With her art, she strives to introduce a free space and a genuine existential understanding. Her works span most artistic media ranging from handwritten and printed books; painting, performances, installation and sculpture which are all a part of her larger work Spaces of Life; a conceptual universe to mirror existence.

Art, for her, is about the open space that it provides which does not abide to the constrictions of closed definitions. Rather, it constantly invites new understanding and interpretation, which essentially opens up to understanding ones own subjective view in a given moment. It is this open space that she honours with her concept of WhitePageProject. She wishes to pass on this free space into all areas of our lives, be it personally, politically or in our handling of current conflicts. Her practice is not confined to traditional art spaces, but inevitably to search interaction on both personal and societal levels with all possible spheres of work, countries and communities from parliaments to businesses or iconic ancient sites. 

Helene Lundbye Petersen was born in Copenhagen, 1980. She has an academic background, holding an MA in both Art History from The University of Copenhagen and Communication Studies from Roskilde University Center. She has worked with several independent artistic projects like The Liverpool Biennial or White Box in New York, and institutions like Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. She has been published by the likes of JRP Ringier and Bloomberg Publishing. She spent over 3 years as a Studio Manager for Olafur Eliasson before she moved to New York in 2011, and entered the White Page that led to her artistic practice. 

Since 2011, Lundbye Petersen has realised numerous major achievements with her work around the world. In 2013, She had her first series of Performances at places such as BAAD Gallery, Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Rothschild 69 in Tel Aviv, Yaffo 23 in Jerusalem and The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. Her performance in 2015 at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York City was hosted by PERFORMA 15, AFSMK of the National Gallery of Denmark and the Danish Consulate General. It opened with speeches from RoseLee Goldberg, director of PERFORMA 15, and Danish Ambassador Anne Dorte Riggelsen. She has exhibited at ART15 in London and Entretempo Kitchen Gallery in Berlin. She has also engaged with larger political institutions such as the House of Beautiful Business during Web Summit in Lisbon, or when she was appointed a 6 months residency at the Danish Parliament in 2017. During her time in the Danish Parliament, she had seven exhibitions and managed to perform for all nine Danish political parties, including at their group meetings, where parties convened to discuss their political agendas. In addition she has also performed in some of the most iconic ancient sites, such as the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, The Agora or the Panathanic Olympic Stadium in Athens. 

Helene Lundbye Petersen currently lives and works in Copenhagen.