The White Book Performance Dinner ­ Silence Edition ⎮ New York, USA, 2015 ⎮

Performance Dinner Hosted by PERFORMA 15 and the Consulate General of Denmark, New York, at the Penthouse apt of the Frank Gehry Building, New York, 12.11 2015 - 7 - 22.30 pm. 

Curated by Kathleen Soriano. 

Opening Speeches by RosaLee Goldberg, PERFORMA 15 and Ambassador Anne Dorte Riggelsen.

Organised and Produced by AFSMK (American Friends of Statens Museum for Kunst-National Gallery of Denmark) and Consulate General of Denmark.

Food and servings by Mads Refslund. 

Photo by Sue Kwon


On the taste of W H I T E ⎮ Berlin, Germany, 2014 ⎮

Performance Dinner at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin, 29.11.2014, 7pm

Food: The Monochromes (Caro Mantke, Tatjana Reimann, Tim Schober) 

Photos by The Monochromes and Anelor Robins, Courtesy of Entretempo Kitchen Gallery


The Social Act #011 Featuring The White Book by Helene Lundbye Petersen ⎮ Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014 ⎮

Performance Dinner by Helene Lundbye Petersen at Nibble, Copenhagen 2.10 2014 - 6.30 - 22.30 pm.

Food and servings by Im a Kombo (Bo Lindegaard & Lasse Askov).

Film + Videostills by Tim Panduro