Performance Series

The White Book Performance Lecture Series No.1. Israel

January 26th - January 31st 2013

Various locations, Israel

During a residency in Tel Aviv, Helene Lundbye Petersen presented The White Book publicly for the first time as a performance format that merged the book with physical architecture. This allowed her to bring people into the space of The White Book together. She had decided to divide ‘The White Book’ into four performances in four locations. The first performance took place ⁣⁣I had decided to divide 'The White Book' into four performances. I gave each a title that I felt explained its section of the book, and chose to perform each one in its own location.⁣

ROTHSCHILD 69 was a contemporary art space in Tel Aviv run by curator Noam Segal (@noamsgl). She invited me to do my first performance there followed by an artist talk moderated by Danielle Angel (@danidangel).⁣ ⁣⁣The space corresponded perfectly to 'The White Book'. There was a circular white bench in the center of the space intersected by the line of a concrete column which mirrored the symbols used in the book itself. Filmmaker @dekel.eizenberg asked me to step into that circle and it was there that I did my first performance.

For my second performance in Israel, I wanted to bring my work into a literary space to accentuate that aspect of ‘The White Book’. The mysterious old auditorium of provided the stage for an exploration of language. I performed sections of ‘The White Book’ that focus on universality and essential aspects of what it means to be alive. With this section, I also wanted to consciously address the unresolved complexity tied to the place in which I found myself. To do so, I collaborated with two Tel Aviv based poets. While I performed in English, Tahel Frosh spoke in Hebrew, and Rajaa Natour performed the same pages in Arabic. Language became the symbol for honouring differences while underlying unity.

The contemporary art gallery Yafo 23 connected to the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design was run by curator Roy Brand in Jerusalem. My third performance was to take place there, but when I arrived, an exhibition was still being built. There were ladders and paint buckets in the room, and an art installation taking shape. I had titled the performance ‘Inspiration to Pragmatic Manifestation’ as a reference to the section of ‘The White Book’ that calls for constructive action. Performing in an exhibition space that was under construction underlined those concepts in the book. Every change requires effort to find its form.

BAAD Art Center is a well-established institution in Tel Aviv run by Jonathan Touitou as a part of Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Design. They host events with acclaimed artists and critics such as Jonathan Messe and Nicolas Bourriaud. I had gone there many times and noticed that their stage resembled a boxing ring. The last performance in the series The White Book Performance Lecture No.1 took place there. I performed Manifesto on the Art Space, the last of the four sections of The White Book. A boxing ring was a perfect frame for a constructive critique of the art space, and an ode to art’s potential.

The Current Condition of The Static Contemporary

January 26th 2013

ROTSCHILD 69, Tel Aviv, Israel

Curated by Noam Segal.

Chapter 1/4


Video by Dekel Eizenberg, 2013. 14:50 min.

chapter 2/4

Statements on Existence

January 27th 2013

Leyvik House

Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Performance with poet Tahel Frosh and poet Rajaa Natour

Video by Dekel Eizenberg, 2013. 31:44 min.


Inspiration to Pragmatic Manifestation.


Video by Dekel Eizenberg, 2013. 17:20 min.

31.01.2013/ Manifesto on the Art space

Photo by Boris Marinin, Dekel Eizenberg, 2013.

Video by Dekel Eizenberg, 2013.. 28:19 min.

printed matter