The White Book Performance Lecture no. 2. I Denmark

03 November, 2013

The Royal Danish Theatre, Balkonfoyeren, Gamle Scene

Copenhagen Denmark


The White Book Performance Lectures No.2, 2013 Short Documentation Video by Tim Panduro. 05:48 min.

I had met Classic violinist Karen Humle in New York, and somewhere as we were crossing Williamsburg Bridge, she shared with me, how she heard the words of my books as music. This initiated our collaboration for one performance in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had long wanted to come home and present my work, and was taken by the idea to go into dialogue with the most established institutions of art, culture and politics in Denmark. I published ‘The White Book’ in Danish as ‘Den Hvide Bog’  for the performance, and had it unfold with musical portraits translating the words into sounds at the historic stage of The Royal Danish Theatres Balkonfoyeren, Gamle Scene.