In 2011, I embraced a white page. I found myself in New York without the structures that had provided me with safety and purpose. I had nothing but the pen in my hand and the blank page before me. Such beginnings tend to make us anxious. We prefer to hold on to what we know, even if it means being trapped in systems that no longer serve us. When we let go, however, freedom appears, and a genuine connection to life can be established. It is this genuine connection that gives me hope for our future, for we need a new way to engage with life. I find the most beautiful symbol of this to be a blank white page. The first thing I put on it, before any words even appeared, was a circle.

— Helene Lundbye Petersen 



WhitePageProject is the core of Helene Lundbye Petersens work. It is a concept of a free and open space. It can be literally in a piece of paper that we allow to be free and open for new thought; but it can also be in the way we approach ourselves, societies; relations; or conversations. It is a place to help us connect with the Genuine in life. Helene Lundbye Petersen honours it as the name of her publishing house, which prints her books, as well as her studio. At the same time, it also covers a series of works : “Blank White Page” dedicated to individuals and institutions.

WhitePageproject works