Life is like white light. It contains a whole spectrum of colours that are invisible for the seeing eye. Only if broken by a prism, it can reveal them as a rainbow. I see my work as a prism, that break life as a whole into colours to make it graspable. 

— Helene Lundbye Petersen


Spaces of lifE

Helene Lundbye Petersens encounter with the blank, white page in 2011 initiated an extensive series of writings that encompass the Spaces of Life. These writings are called ‘calligraphic manuscripts’, which are monochromatically colours note books that Lundbye Petersen writes and draws in a flow from the first to the last page to explore an aspect of existence. So far, Lundbye Petersen has written 13 books divided into two main series; Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces and Grey Systems on the life of ME and WE. 

These calligraphic manuscripts are then printed as books, and unfolded in works that seek to deepen our understanding of them. Whether expressed in oil painting or installation, performance, book interventions or photographs all of her art aims to bring the content of the books beyond the page and into the world of lived experience. Each medium brings focus to a new aspect of the Spaces of Life, be it physically, intellectually, emotionally, or sensory.

This makes the Spaces of Life an ever-expanding, living encyclopaedia of existence to be built upon by both the works of art, and by those who experience them.



A free open space



White represents the space of the new, free and open unknown.



Blue represents the space of the mind.


the space of pleasure

Orange represents the space of our senses in the present moment.


the space of battle

Red represents the space of our actions driven by our desires, ambitions, and will.


the space of love

Green represents the space of our emotions and the invisible threads that binds us together.


the space of balance

Yellow represents the space of finding harmony.


the space of language

Purple represents the space of communication and finding what is genuinely being said.


THe space of time and space

Beige represents the space of the finite and the infinite.


the space of nourishment

Brown represents the space of patience and change.


the space of skin

Pink is represents the space of the personal and how it manifests in the private, the intimate and the erotic.

The space of death

Black represents the space of endings.


THE SPACE oF systems- ME

Grey - ME represents the systems of each lived life.


THE SPACE oF systems -WE

Grey - WE represents the structures of societal structures, who govern the communities of the lived lives, but are not life themselves.